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I’ve been thinking a lot lately. The oil spill really hits me in the heart of my creativity. I recently realized that I created a piece called “The Leader” shortly before the oil spill began. This piece, shown below, was created as a contemplation on whether we act as caretakers of the environment around us or if we act carelessly, going along and allowing the other creatures of this world to be subject to our errors and, at times, carelessness.

The Leader

I find it especially interesting that the piece happened to be using water creatures.

My interest in our relationship to our environment is of great interest to me as an artist (which also means that it is of great personal interest as well). My work is largely focused on creatures and situations parallel to our world, but different – different circumstances, different perspectives, different possibilities. I often think about how this parallel place might have come to be. I think about what kind of evolution it would require and of what kind of motives might effect its development.

This, naturally, forces me to think of our own history, and brings about big questions. For example, I wonder why natural selection, as a general system, seems not to favor those who would be better caretakers, but those who more aggressively protect themselves and their own interests. I mean, I understand the scientific reason behind it…but I wonder, if we have purpose here, and if there is some version of a higher power, why is it the self-serving ones who have the leg up through the course of evolution? Why couldn’t it be that the gentler, more empathic ones that gain the respect, love, and, as such, the predisposition to create a larger impact on the evolution of their species?

In thinking about this in relation to the world that my creatures have developed in my head, I can only conclude that this fantasy has played a large part in all of my art since childhood. To me, it is the most beautiful thought to imagine that there could be a place where the strongest are the ones who are most open, most pure, and most empathic…to dream that there could be a world with wise innocence, where there are no judgments because everything and everyone is viewed as beautiful for their unique qualities. Maybe it would be a place where the love of nature and each other and emotions were valued above technology and personal interest. It’s all perspective, isn’t it?

I could go on about this all day, but there is work to be done and I have a piece that I’m really excited to finish. Have you ever tried Momka’s Silver Tears stringers over Momka’s American beauty? Holy crap, is it ever beautiful! I’ll show ya when I’m done…

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