Something, something, something…complete

full balloon

Yep, it’s done!! I’m thrilled with how it came out, and less than impressed with my ability to photograph it well. I’m not used to photographing such a big piece…it’s 16″x20″. On the other hand, I’m tired and I can always try again another day. So, if you don’t mind some less-than-stellar photos that don’t exactly give the full scope of the depth of this piece, then here, check it out!

Arrow carved where the heart would be. It’s one of those details you have to get close for:

The eye follows the viewer, typical of my work. This one follows particularly well, though. I’ve never had a piece that is quite so intense. It adds to the slightly eerie, anxious feel. The eye is a bit dirty in the pic, sorry.

The heart in the balloon:

The body:

I really wanted to ask some questions and share some of my thoughts on it, but I’m exhausted and I am ready to get home tonight and relax with my guy and his best friend. Should be fun. For now, I’d love to hear any thoughts/reactions you have, if you would. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I get to read comments! It’s like my birthday every time someone posts something here :)


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