Does it change things…?

A couple people here have expressed an…uncomfortability (?) with the color of the dancing figure. It is indeed muscular/exposed in tone, although maybe not quite so much in person, where the colors are more intense. Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to mess around with the colors a bit in photoshop and see what it looks like as a different color.


My Questions:

To those of you who were uncomfortable with the red, is this easier to look at? Does it make more of an impact for you?

To those of you who liked the red, is this version less intense for you? Does it gain or lose meaning for you as a blue figure, or neither?

To Anyone, do you view the piece differently in this color than you do the original?

Nope, I won’t be re-making this piece in blue; this was just an experiment. I really love the color that it is, and as we all know, it’s really all about me :P But really, I thought this was fun and I appreciate the feedback, so I thought I would give you a chance to see the results of your comments! :) You can comment by clicking on the tiny “comments” over there –> at the top, or just by clicking on the title of this post. I hope to hear from you! Thanks, guys!


  • The original version, IMO, is a much stronger piece. It has lost it’s “pop” in blue.

    My thinking is that if people are uncomfortable with it in red, then it’s evoking feelings. And that is, after all, what art is all about. Beautiful and disturbing aren’t mutually exclusive concepts, Picasso’s “Guernica” is a perfect example.

    But ultimately, you nailed the bottom line on the head… “it’s really all about me”… and that’s a fundamental truth in art.

  • You could do it in purple even, I would still love it.
    The red does have more of an impact, but I like the blue also.
    I know, wishy washy huh?

  • I like the red color much better. Blue is blah; it doesn’t have the strength of the original.

  • Thanks so much for the comments!! I agree that it doesn’t feel like nearly as strong of a piece in this color scme, or any other that I tried. I do plan to make figures in other colors as well, but for this particular piece, it’s all about the red. It’s fun to play around, though, and to pose the question “what if?”…

  • Blue is tranquil and receptive. Red projects energy. This figure in blue seems to be pulling something into himself, while the figure in red is releasing something into the world. I like the dichotomy evoked by the comparison.

  • Sharon Driscoll wrote:

    Art is way to subjective to change willy nilly because someone has an objection to the artists choice of color palette. The red was your first inclination, and a good one. John is correct – it invoked a reaction, it’s strong, it pops, it’s Pipyr.

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