That’ll do…

So, I have been trying to find a clean and simple theme for this new blog of mine, and I think I’ll go with this one. I wish it had options for a side bar, but ya can’t always get everything ya want, huh?

I’m hoping like hell that I’ll actually post every day. It should be fairly easy to do it, the way I am all set up. If I don’t, go ahead and flood me with nasty e-mails about being a lazy bum if you want. I’ll probably deserve it…


  • Hi Pipyr,
    I like the concept of the person with the heart in the balloon. I’m not so crazy about the colour of the person, but that’s just me. I’m sure there are others that will like it. It just looks a bit too “raw” for me. (Like exposed tissue, etc.)
    You know I’m a huge fan of your creative mind!
    So glad you decided to have a blog! If you don’t post daily, I’m not going to send you “nasty grams”! Sometimes I think it would be difficult to have something to say.

  • Thank you Ginger :) To be honest, I hadn’t anticipated the “raw” look of the glass I chose, but it worked so well with this particular piece (for me) that I am very happy it came out that way…

    How much can one expose himself before it is uncomfortable for others? How far should one go to put his heart where he wants it? Rhetorical questions, but you see what I’m getting at ;)

    I *always* have something to say…I just don’t always have the words to use, haha :D

    Thanks so much!! <3

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