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pipyr.com/blog http://pipyr.com/blog Because the world needs another weblog. Fri, 11 Jun 2010 00:24:10 +0000 http://wordpress.org/?v=2.9.2 en hourly 1 Another WIP… http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=75 http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=75#comments Fri, 11 Jun 2010 00:24:10 +0000 pipyr http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=75 Here’s a piece that I’ve been working on over the last few days. It’s nice to have pieces like this that I can work on bits at a time, because I get to make progress everyday, even if I have heaps of other work to get done :D


I’m not sure if I’ll be making a larger panel for this piece or not. I’ll mess around with it more tomorrow. I’m really happy with how it’s coming along, though. That color combo is Momka’s American Beauty and stripes of Momka’s Silver Tears…I’m in love with this color combo!! It’s stunning in person! Hooray for Momka :D

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The Leader -> The Oil Spill -> Questions http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=73 http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=73#comments Wed, 09 Jun 2010 19:00:38 +0000 pipyr http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=73 I’ve been thinking a lot lately. The oil spill really hits me in the heart of my creativity. I recently realized that I created a piece called “The Leader” shortly before the oil spill began. This piece, shown below, was created as a contemplation on whether we act as caretakers of the environment around us or if we act carelessly, going along and allowing the other creatures of this world to be subject to our errors and, at times, carelessness.

The Leader

I find it especially interesting that the piece happened to be using water creatures.

My interest in our relationship to our environment is of great interest to me as an artist (which also means that it is of great personal interest as well). My work is largely focused on creatures and situations parallel to our world, but different – different circumstances, different perspectives, different possibilities. I often think about how this parallel place might have come to be. I think about what kind of evolution it would require and of what kind of motives might effect its development.

This, naturally, forces me to think of our own history, and brings about big questions. For example, I wonder why natural selection, as a general system, seems not to favor those who would be better caretakers, but those who more aggressively protect themselves and their own interests. I mean, I understand the scientific reason behind it…but I wonder, if we have purpose here, and if there is some version of a higher power, why is it the self-serving ones who have the leg up through the course of evolution? Why couldn’t it be that the gentler, more empathic ones that gain the respect, love, and, as such, the predisposition to create a larger impact on the evolution of their species?

In thinking about this in relation to the world that my creatures have developed in my head, I can only conclude that this fantasy has played a large part in all of my art since childhood. To me, it is the most beautiful thought to imagine that there could be a place where the strongest are the ones who are most open, most pure, and most empathic…to dream that there could be a world with wise innocence, where there are no judgments because everything and everyone is viewed as beautiful for their unique qualities. Maybe it would be a place where the love of nature and each other and emotions were valued above technology and personal interest. It’s all perspective, isn’t it?

I could go on about this all day, but there is work to be done and I have a piece that I’m really excited to finish. Have you ever tried Momka’s Silver Tears stringers over Momka’s American beauty? Holy crap, is it ever beautiful! I’ll show ya when I’m done…

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I haven’t forgotten! http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=63 http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=63#comments Sun, 30 May 2010 18:28:30 +0000 pipyr http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=63 creature pendant
creature pendant
eye pendant
eye pendant
I know I’ve been MIA for a few days…I’ve been so busy! I’ve been working on some custom orders and playing around with eyes and creatures. Here is a picture of one of the creatures I made, and one eye pendant. They are both available through My eBay. I have a couple of eyes to get pictures of as well, but I’ll have to show those another day.

I have also been working on concepts for other panels like The Balloon. I have so many ideas that I can barely focus on one to get started with. Maybe I’ll get the chance to set aside a big chunk of a day soon to get a few ideas going. That would be fun!

Anyway, I’ll be back with more stuff soon. :)

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A picture is worth a thousand words… http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=59 http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=59#comments Mon, 24 May 2010 12:09:58 +0000 pipyr http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=59 But I have lots of words anyway. I took some new pictures today and I’m happier with how they came out. I feel it better reflects the piece in person, although still lacks the depth of the original:

I also figured I would explain a little but about my connection to this piece. If you haven’t thought about how this piece might relate to you yet, I invite you to do so, before your initial reaction is tainted by my thoughts. ;)

My art is meant to be interactive, opening new ideas, emotions, and questions to the viewer. The figure puts his heart in a balloon to carry it it up beyond his reach. This can be an act of bravery or an act of cowardice. If bravery, the figure is allowing his heart to “fly”, even if it means having to let it go a bit- less protected. If Cowardice, the figure is doing everything possible to ensure that his heart ends up where he wants it, even if it means putting it there artificially, or removing it from the vulnerability of a body, where it is connected to thoughts and emotions. I think, in the end, it depends on the day and on the viewer.

For me, this piece represents both. It is a study of our need to protect ourselves, our need to be safe, our need to be happy, and how they all interact. Sometimes happiness requires risk, that takes away our sense of safety. Sometimes our need for safety keeps us from reaching for that which can make us happy. A viewer’s reaction to this piece can say a lot about them or the current space that they are in. The reactions of the viewers become part of the piece; they become part of the story.

Your reaction may give you a hint about where you are, and what your perspective is on these issues. This is a piece that offers answers and brings about more questions at the same time. I hope it has brought something to you.

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Something, something, something…complete http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=54 http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=54#comments Sat, 22 May 2010 23:51:44 +0000 pipyr http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=54 full balloon

Yep, it’s done!! I’m thrilled with how it came out, and less than impressed with my ability to photograph it well. I’m not used to photographing such a big piece…it’s 16″x20″. On the other hand, I’m tired and I can always try again another day. So, if you don’t mind some less-than-stellar photos that don’t exactly give the full scope of the depth of this piece, then here, check it out!

Arrow carved where the heart would be. It’s one of those details you have to get close for:

The eye follows the viewer, typical of my work. This one follows particularly well, though. I’ve never had a piece that is quite so intense. It adds to the slightly eerie, anxious feel. The eye is a bit dirty in the pic, sorry.

The heart in the balloon:

The body:

I really wanted to ask some questions and share some of my thoughts on it, but I’m exhausted and I am ready to get home tonight and relax with my guy and his best friend. Should be fun. For now, I’d love to hear any thoughts/reactions you have, if you would. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I get to read comments! It’s like my birthday every time someone posts something here :)


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Yesterday and Today’s progress… http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=51 http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=51#comments Sat, 22 May 2010 02:47:36 +0000 pipyr http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=51 So I just got home and I’m blissfully exhausted, but wanted to share my progress. I didn’t get a final picture tonight, but it is more or less finished now. I still need to do some more clean up on the glass and I need to make a few minor detail adjustments, but over all, it’s pretty much all there. I hope to finish it entirely tomorrow, and if I do I’ll be sure to get pictures! Here are a few terrible pictures that I took along the way to track it’s progress. I’m really happy with the final result, but you’ll have to wait to see it! :P




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The inspirational brilliance of Christian Arnold http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=45 http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=45#comments Fri, 21 May 2010 11:17:49 +0000 pipyr http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=45 I thought that I would share with you the work of Christian Arnold today. Cool guy, amazing glass artist, and definitely worthy of your attention if you aren’t familiar with his work already. Everything that he does is unique and creative. He also seems to have a “anything can be done” attitude when it comes to glass, a trait that I admire. Go to his site, check out his work, and drool. It’s the perfect beginning to your day:

Christian Arnold

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Does it change things…? http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=39 http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=39#comments Thu, 20 May 2010 11:41:56 +0000 pipyr http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=39 A couple people here have expressed an…uncomfortability (?) with the color of the dancing figure. It is indeed muscular/exposed in tone, although maybe not quite so much in person, where the colors are more intense. Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to mess around with the colors a bit in photoshop and see what it looks like as a different color.


My Questions:

To those of you who were uncomfortable with the red, is this easier to look at? Does it make more of an impact for you?

To those of you who liked the red, is this version less intense for you? Does it gain or lose meaning for you as a blue figure, or neither?

To Anyone, do you view the piece differently in this color than you do the original?

Nope, I won’t be re-making this piece in blue; this was just an experiment. I really love the color that it is, and as we all know, it’s really all about me :P But really, I thought this was fun and I appreciate the feedback, so I thought I would give you a chance to see the results of your comments! :) You can comment by clicking on the tiny “comments” over there –> at the top, or just by clicking on the title of this post. I hope to hear from you! Thanks, guys!

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A really crappy digital rendition of something cool…I hope http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=28 http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=28#comments Wed, 19 May 2010 22:23:47 +0000 pipyr http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=28 balloon

I want to share a piece that I’m currently working on. I have been slowly getting it going, bit by bit. Yeah, so I had an arm over here, a stomach over there, a disembodied head laying on the shelf…If my landlord came in, he might have been a bit frightened. Then again, he’s probably already a bit frightened of me.

Anyway, I plan to start painting the panel tomorrow. It’s 16″x20″. For me, it might as well be a mural on the side of ummm…something big. It’s huge. It’ll be great. I’ll probably screw up a thousand times before I’m happy with it.

Oh and yeah, that’s his heart in the balloon wanna-be (but those will both be glass in the final piece). I’m curious if you view that as an uplifting concept or a disturbing one, or both. For me, this piece is multi-layered and has meanings within meanings. I may share more details in the future, but I’d love to hear your opinions/thoughts first. Will you comment? the comment section is over there—> at the top in minuscule writing. Or maybe you can just click on the title of this post.

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That’ll do… http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=25 http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=25#comments Wed, 19 May 2010 22:07:11 +0000 pipyr http://pipyr.com/blog/?p=25 So, I have been trying to find a clean and simple theme for this new blog of mine, and I think I’ll go with this one. I wish it had options for a side bar, but ya can’t always get everything ya want, huh?

I’m hoping like hell that I’ll actually post every day. It should be fairly easy to do it, the way I am all set up. If I don’t, go ahead and flood me with nasty e-mails about being a lazy bum if you want. I’ll probably deserve it…

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