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I love creating and this love often takes me on unexpected adventures. It took me a long time and exploration through many different kinds of subject matter before arriving at nonrepresentational art work. I have heard other artists suggest “painting what you know” in reference to subject matter. What I know are emotions, stories, dreams, and light. I know the shifting of shadows and glimmer of sun through trees. I know the way prisms throw rainbows across a wall. I know the pale blue of morning hope and the deep, shimmering plum of midnight mysteries.

This is what I paint. The stories are there, embedded in the works. If you seek them out, the pieces will take you on a journey. I am a storyteller, but with the universal language of color, symbol, light, and shape. I hope my stories captivate you and provide escape and reflection, mystery and clarity.

Please message me with questions, comments, to chat about art, or to purchase. I welcome conversations!

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